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Salvor at Global Patidar Business Summit (GPBS) 2024 – Desh Ka Expo

Date: January 7-10, 2022.
Location: New 150ft Ring Road, Rajkot, Gujarat.

Discover the art of luxury brass interior products with Salvor at the much-anticipated Global Patidar Business Summit (GPBS) 2024, orchestrated by Sardardham. As the pioneers in crafting exquisite brass interior items, we are thrilled to be part of this grand affair that aligns with the vision of Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi.

About Salvor at GPBS 2024 – Desh Ka Expo:

Immerse yourself in the world of opulence and sophistication as Salvor showcases its exquisite brass interior products at GPBS 2024 – Desh Ka Expo. Under the vibrant vision of PM Shri Narendra Modi, this summit is not just an event; it’s a celebration of craftsmanship, innovation, and the essence of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Embarking on the momentum of triumphs from GPBS 2018, GPBS 2020, and GPBS 2022, Salvor is thrilled to present the highly anticipated Global Patidar Business Summit (GPBS) 2024. Join us in this extraordinary journey where success meets innovation, as we weave a tapestry of excellence, setting the stage for a grand celebration of business and craftsmanship.

GBPS Award

Embark on the Grandeur at Salvor’s Pavilion – GPBS 2024 Highlights:

Indulge in Opulence: Immerse yourself in a curated collection of brass interior masterpieces that redefine luxury and elevate your living spaces. Salvor invites you to experience the epitome of craftsmanship and style at the grand GPBS 2024 exhibition.

Innovative Marvels: Witness the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity as Salvor unveils avant-garde designs that capture the essence of Indian artistry. Each piece is a testament to timeless elegance, setting the stage for a visual feast.

Insider Insights: Engage with Salvor’s connoisseurs as they share exclusive insights into the world of brass interior products, offering a glimpse into the craftsmanship, quality, and inspiration behind each creation. Elevate your understanding of the artistry involved.

Bespoke Elegance: Transform your interiors with personalized brass creations tailored to your preferences. Salvor adds a bespoke touch, bringing your unique vision to life with an exquisite blend of art and functionality.

Global Panache: Join Salvor on an exhilarating journey to new heights on the global stage. GPBS 2024 provides the perfect platform to showcase Salvor’s unwavering commitment to Aatmanirbhar Bharat and the distinctive artistry that defines our brand.

Immersive Exhibits: Immerse yourself in interactive exhibits that unravel the intricate details and craftsmanship behind Salvor’s brass interior products. It’s a sensory experience, blending tradition with contemporary design to captivate your senses.

Grand Scale: Witness the grandeur of GPBS 2024 with 1000 stalls representing diverse business domains, a global audience comprising 1,000+ importers from 30+ countries, and an anticipated million visitors gathering from various states. Be inspired by the presence of world-renowned business luminaries, providing insights that transcend borders.

Sprawling Exhibition Area: Navigate through 1,00,000+ sq. mtr. of exhibition space, a testament to the vast opportunities and experiences awaiting you.

Exclusive Benefits: Seize the opportunity to avail exclusive offers and promotions, available only at Salvor’s exhibit during GPBS 2024. It’s more than an event; it’s a chance to bring home not just luxury but a unique value addition to your living space.

Salvor, synonymous with luxury brass interior products, extends a warm invitation to you. We thank you for joining us at GPBS 2024 – Desh Ka Expo and being part of a transformative journey where luxury meets tradition, and elegance knows no bounds.

IENX Expo – 2022

Date: December 16-19, 2022.
Location: NSIC Ground, Rajkot, Gujarat.

Salvor, the pioneer in crafting exquisite brass interior products, is delighted to share our remarkable journey at the IENX Expo 2022. This prestigious event, presented by Creative Interior, served as a focal point for industry leaders, designers, and enthusiasts to converge and celebrate innovation in interior design.

Proud Participant of IENX Expo 2022

In addition to our award, Salvor proudly carries the title of “Proud Participant of IENX Expo 2022.” This acknowledgment reflects our active engagement and meaningful contribution to the vibrant atmosphere of the expo. It was an honor to be recognized not only for our products but also for our overall commitment to elevating the interior design landscape.

Event Highlights:

IENX Expo 2.0 – 2023

Date: December 22-25, 2023.
Location: NID Ground, Sabarmati Riverfront, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Salvor, the distinguished name in Brass Interior Products, is thrilled to share our success at the IENX Expo 2.0 held from December 22 to 25, 2023. at the famous NID Ground on the Sabarmati Riverfront, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

A Symphony of Success at IENX Expo:

Salvor proudly wears the badge of excellence, adorned with the recent success at the IENX Expo 2.0. Recognized by prestigious people, Salvor continues to push boundaries and turn brass into masterpieces that redefine interior landscapes. To be part of IENX Expo 2.0 is an honor, and we extend infinite thanks for your presence. Together, we’ve woven a tapestry of creativity, and Salvor is grateful to share this journey with you.

Event Highlights:

Into the Future with Salvor:

As you navigate through Salvor’s accolades and glimpses of our journey, you’re not just witnessing the past, you’re glimpsing the trajectory of the future. Our commitment to crafting exceptional brass interior products is a testament to our dedication to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

The achievements and exhibitions showcased on this page are not mere milestones. They are stepping stones propelling us into a future where Salvor continues to evolve, inspire, and redefine the landscape of interior design.

Explore our gallery, not just as a snapshot of our achievements, but as a glimpse into the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. The stories captured here are just the beginning, and we invite you to be part of the next chapters as Salvor continues to grow, innovate, and shape the future of brass in interior spaces.

Stay connected with Salvor as we continue to push boundaries, redefine spaces, and shape the narrative of brass in interior design. Your presence and support are integral to our ongoing story, and we look forward to sharing many more chapters of success with you.

Thank you for being part of our journey. The future is bright, and we’re excited to share it with you.

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